MMX Accessories

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BB-2590 Charger for MMX

Portable charging unit for dismounted operations and emergency back-up kits allows users to charge their Nex-Ray scanners on the go.


Manufacturer: Pelican

Part Number: C-021068-1660-021-110

Description: EOD 1660 Pelican Case WMD CONF

Color: Black

Picture: Attached

MSRP Price: $650

Foam Containment and Water Gel Systems

Water Gel System MSRP: 16582.00

Foam Containment MSRP: 35367.00


MMX "Deep" Snap On Cover
These panels covers are specially built to allow different layers of shielding material to be placed in between the MMX Image Panel, and the inside of the Snap On Cover....
MMX Mosaic Frame Assmbly

3X3 MMX Tiled Mosaic Frame Assembly

Description: WMDTech Rigid Mosaic System

Part Number: SCANMOS001



MSRP 12720.89


MMX Panel Cover (Black)

MMX Black ABS Snap On Covers

MMX X Stand

"X" Style Aluminum MMX Tripod Stand

MMX8 Poly-Carb

Mini-MMX Poly-Carbonate 8" X 14" Imaging Panels

MMX-T17 Aluminum Composite All Weather Panels
MMX All-Weather Aluminum Composite 17" X 14" Imaging Panel This panel was specially designed by WMDTech to be able to withstand extreme temperatures - hot and cold - wi...
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MMX Accessories
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