All courses can be provided on location in Boise, Idaho or as part of a Mobile Training Team (MTT) at the location of the students as required.

Students are required to be law enforcement, federal, or military affiliated, be cleared by their immediate chain of command, and have a job related requirement for the course provided. Further, students for bomb related courses are required to be bomb techs, or be in the pipeline to become a bomb tech.

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Electronics (5 day)

Precision Aim (5 Days)

Precision Aim (2 day)

Sim. Disrupt (3 day)

Simultaneous Precision Disruption

Simultaneous Disruption builds on the fundamentals taught in the Precision Aim course. Its primary focus is on determining depth with an X-Ray and performing dual precision shots. These additional techniques provide a valuable tool for any device, specifically a large vehicle (LVIED) or a device with multiple targets that require precision and timing.

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Advanced Device Build (3 day or 5 day)

Advanced Device Course

The goal of the Advance Devices build course is to give the students a broader perspective on the different component configurations that may be seen in the field or in the future, some of the considerations in the safe building of these devices, and a basic understanding of methods that can be used to counter such devices. Course is built for students who have already benefited from an ED&D course (or similar electronics course). Intermediate to advanced Electronics training and proficiency is a required pre-requisite.

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Foam Contanment Course


Foam Containment and Explosive Mitigation


  • This is a multi-day course which will provide Bomb Technicians with the capability to build their own Rapid Explosive Containment vessel from common, and easily accessible response items.
  • This course will provide the students with functional and practical training as well as equipment to work with to utilize the concepts of Foam Containment. A Team Kit will be provided with the course.
  • Foam Containment is the principle of using fairly common foam systems to rapidly, safely, and remotely contain a blast and light fragmentation from a Improvised Explosive Device to provide a solution for a lethal problem in which there is no safe or easy mitigation solution.
  • The course will culminate in a practical problem in which the system will be built up by the training team. Functional testing can also be implemented, through the course.
  • This course and equipment can be brought to the students with a Team Kit through a MTT, or can be Hosted in Boise Idaho on a per student basis (Team Kit can be added in).

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Hand Entry and Manual Disablement Course (5 Days)


SMRT X-Ray Controller
XTK Grid Aim System
Electronics Gear
Precision Aim Gear
MMX Accessories
SRM-1216 Tactical Shotgun



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