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The Tactical Breakaway Pulley, developed in partnership with Machstem International, is made to be carried in a tactical assault loadout with minimal space and weight. This pulley allows the operator a single change in direction per each pulley used. It does not require a wedge. All that is needed is a simple knot to be tied into the line at the desired breakaway distance.

There are no extra parts required and no extra mechanics to reset the pulley (other than putting the line back in and closing). Everything is spring loaded and automatically resets once closed.

– High Weight Capacity

– Durable Steel, Titanium or Aluminum

– Ultra Compact Design

– Included in TBT Kit

– WMDTech Warranty


Made to work with 1/8 inch Amsteel Spectron Kevlar line

Does not require a wedge on the line to work

Can pull over 100lbs and still be able to breakaway

Each pulley allows one direction change in a tactical line pull while only needing a single overhand knot in the line to function.

Technical Specs:

Length: 2.5 inches

Width: 1.25 inches

Height: .6 inches

Weight: .5 lbs

Maximum Pull Weight: over 200 lbs.


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