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Through our Courses of Instruction (COI) WMDTech provides a wide variety of electronics equipments and training aides with various functions. We want to help Technicians who wish to make their training scenarios as realistic as possible in a safe environment.

We can assist by providing the same circuits, either pre-built and ready to be utilized, or as Assembly Required Components Kits to maximize the training time while putting together the training problems.

– Outputs can power various sound makers/simulators

– 9V Powered (Can be altered for other batteries)

– Resets, Arm/Safe, & Red LED firing indicators included

– WMDTech Warranty


Circuits Available:

SCR BOard – a general use board which can be used in conjunction with a wide variety of sensors, inputs, and electronic switches and tools to make an almost unlimited number of training aides

– Photocell Board

– Dual Relay Collapsing Circuit

– Single Battery SCR Collapsing Circuit

– Dual SCR Collapsing Circuit

– Plezo Sensor Board

– Digital Alarm Timer

– Cell Phone / Motorola

– Mechanical Tilt and Mechanical Vibration

Various other ciruits available – contact for more info


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Provide innovative solutions to the training and equipment challenges presented to EOD and Bomb Technicians all across the globe.