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WMDTech teaches a wide array of electronics courses – from Electronics Design & Defeat to Advanced Device Build to Microprocessor Courses. We have gotten enough requests from previous students to make electronic component resupply kits available for either the individual or to replenish an electronics locker.

We now offer two kits that will meet either requirement. Resupply kit breakdown can be provided at request and we can add specific components at the operator’s needs.

Ask us about specialty sensors and tools which we also utilize in training to include: Microwave, Ultrasound, Active IR, Microprocessors, etc.

– One Stop Shop

– Single Line Item Resupply Kits

– For the individual or the whole team

– Specialty Components available


Individual Training Resupply Kit:

– Over 30 resistors of various resistances

– 1K and 10K Ohm being the most common

– Diode Bottle includes:

– Diodes & Photocell Sensors

– 10 5V LED lights with internal resistors (red & green)

– Infrared Emitter and Receiver

– Common Digital and Solid State Switches

– Octocoupler and Op-Amps

– Plezo Film Vibration sensor

– Audio Buzzer

– Rolling Ball Tilt

– Over 12 various Can-type and ceramic-type capacitors

– Analog DPDT Non-Latching Relays

– Momentary and Toggle Switches

– Trimmer Type Potentlometer Resistors

Team Kit Resupply Box

– Contains same components as the Individual Resupply Kits, at a quantity 10-times the volume


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