Explosive Tools.

WMDTech has partnered with Tetac to provide lightweight explosive tools, especially those working in a dismounted capacity.



TETAC Supraconic

The Supraconic is a highly versatile, compact, conical shape charge system utilized by EOD and Special Forces personnel for UXO disposal, explosive access, and precision aim operations. The Supraconic is provided to the end user in an inert state and may be hand packed with C4 or similar type bulk explosives (15.5 grams). A blasting cap locking mechanism ensures that the blasting cap is secured into position prior to placement. A front site enables the tool to integrate to a precision aim grid board for precision targeting. Tool consists of 24mm projectile.


TETAC Blokshot

Powerful and compact Multi-Directional Water Disruptor. This TETAC designed tool was created with Dismounted Operations in mind. These disruptors were designed to be built up in a matter of seconds, can fit easily into cargo pockets, and provides the punch of over 5000 fps water disruption. Easily open and disrupt canvas bags and satchels, or open car doors and trunks by simply adjusting standoff.  

Loading is as easy as cutting a 1/8 section from a block of M112 (C-4) and placing in holder. No packing, jamming, or splicing. Maintains the density of an untouched block of M112.


TETAC Cap Containment Device (CCD)

The TETAC designed Compact Containment Device is the only “total containment” device for detonators and HME available on the market. This is a Non-Venting system, designed to completely contain the blast and frag from the accidental initiation of a blasting cap / detonator. This was designed with Dismounted Operations in mind – especially during Hands On procedures. This tool allows EOD operators to rapidly, and safely separate detonators and explosives inside a very small and light container. 

This tool is also useful for transporting detonators in an explosive safe container on one’s person during breaching or demolition operations.