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T Protect Vital Assets and Critical Infrastructure. Introducing a self-contained and highly portable Blast Mitigation System that was designed to severely reduce the blast overpressure of an explosive device by smothering it in a special blast-tamping foam. When used in conjunction with the ballistic Water Gel System it can protect from light fragmentation as well. The foam utilized in the system is specifically designed and tested to reduce the effects of blast overpressure more than 60% and up to 80%. This tool can be used to shield vital assets from the blast effects of a potential high order detonation while still allowing operators to conduct a Render Safe Procedure on the device.

– Rapid build-up and placement

– Can be used with a wide variety of water generation systems

– Cut blast overpressure


– 16 ft Dome Tent & 8 ft Box Tent

– (2) 50 ft lenghts of fire hose

– (2) Spanner Wrenches

– Hydrant Wrench

– Foam Cap Wrench

– 3″ NH Female x 2.5″ NH Male coupler

– (2) 2.5 NH Female x 1.5″ NH Male coupler

– 2.5″ Hydrant Gate Valve

– (2) Angus UNI-450 (3x8) Portable Inline Eductor w/ Pick-up hose

– (2) BSP Female x 1.5″ NH Male coupler

– (4) BSP Rigid Female x 1.5″ NH Swivel Female

– (2) Angus MEX 450U Foamaster Branchpipe with generator modification

-(2) 1.5″ Elkhart Pistol Grip Ball Valve Shutoff

– (2) 1.5″ Line Gauge w/ 0-100 PSI Liquid Filled Gauge

– (2) 1.5″ x 50′ Rubber Covered Hose, Red, 600 PSI Test

– (10) AFC 380 Foam Concentrate specifically for Blast Suppression

– (1) 8′ PVC Frame (20 piece pipe and couplers)

– (2) 1690 Pelican Case, black

– (1) Lid Organizer for 1690 Pelican Case


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