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The JOLT II is a 2nd Gen prototype X-Ray Controller developed by Remote Sensing Laboratory with funding from the National Nuclear Security Administration and the Defense Threat Reduction Agency.

The JOLT II is designed for use with the Golden XRS-3 and XRS-4 18V portable X-ray generators. Bomb technicians use the XRS-3 and XRS-4 when conducting improvised explosive device radiographic diagnostics. The JOLT II is an accessory component for precision counting and controlling of the XRS-3 and XRS-4 for special purpose missions. It is a lightweight, low profile, and simple to use system that does not require an extra power source. It receives power from the 18V Dewalt battery through the 5-pin remote outle on the Golden X-Ray source.

– Easy Press Control Buttons

– LED Indicator Light

– Digital Display


Customizable Settings

– Pulse up to 3999

– Volleys up to 50 sets

– Break times up to 9.99 seconds

– Can control the X-Ray source down to 1 pulse at a time


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