Electronics Equipment.

Tools and accessories which complement the electronics training that we conduct all over the globe for US Forces. We supply anything from electronics construction kits for the individual to resupply kits for team electronics lockers. We can optimize and customize what we provide for the operators needs.

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6 Band

The 6 Band Simulator is a device that broadcasts 6 distinct Microwave, Ultrasonic and IR frequencies individually on command in a small, extremely portable package. The LED Indicator lights come one as each frequency is selected and broadcast. The 6 Band can be used in training to simulate each, or all of those various frequencies. It is housed in a sturdy light weight plastic. The LED brightness can be adjusted from bright to barely visible. The 6 Band utilizes CR123 batteries, and has a built in battery tester which can be used to check battery levels. 


WMDTech Circuit Boards

Through our Courses of Instruction (COI). WMDTech provides a wide variety of electronics equipments and training aides with various functions. We want to help technicians who wish to make their training scenarios as realistic as possible in a safe environment. We can assist by providing the same circuits, either pre-built and ready to be utilized, or as assembly required components kits to maximize the training while putting together the training problems. 

Key Features:

Outputs can power various sound makers/simulators 

Wide variety of functions

Pre=assembled and ready to your OR

Components kits with assembly required

9V powered (can be altered for various batteries)

Resets, arm/safe and red LED firing indicators included


Electronics Components Kits

WMDTech teaches a wide array of electronics courses – from Electronics Design and Defeat to Advance Device Build to a Microprocessor Course. We have gotten enough requests from previous students to make electronic component resupply kits available for either the individual or to replenish an electronics locker. We now offer two kits that will meet either requirement. Resupply kit breakdown can be provided at request, and we can add specific components at the operator’s needs.

Ask us about specialty sensors and tools which we also utilize in training to include: Microwave, Ultrasound, Active IR, Microprocessors, etc.


BB Mod 3

WMDTech’s BB MOD-3 is an analog alarm bypass tool for advanced sensor bypass training and response. For Bomb

Technicians who have taken Advanced Sensor Bypass courses such as NAVSCOLEOD Advanced IED Division or WMDTech’s Alarm Bypass and Lockpicking Course.