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Operation Red Rock 2018

APRIL 10th - 12th 2018, St. George Utah

The overall Terminal Objective of Operation Red Rock is to give the bomb technician a chance to see and use new EOD TTP’s and equipment.  At Operation Red Rock, the participants will be divided into 8 training lanes (breakout sessions).  Each participant will have the chance to go through 6 of the training lanes made up of 4-hour training blocks each.  The team make up per lane will be 12 bomb technicians or less allowing each person the maximum hands on time with each subject. 


Regional IABTI Conferences

We are the cop on the corner, the firefighter with the smoke-smudged face, the soldier doing humanitarian de-mining, the analyst who examines the  pieces of the puzzle and the WMD specialist determining the potential  threat posed by our adversaries. We're also the people who are called upon to eliminate that threat, and we do it every day. It is people like our members who serve their country and their fellow man  by placing themselves in harm's way so that the rest of us may sleep peacefully,  that make the IABTI so vital. Our membership represents every facet of the first-responder community.


Warrior Expo East and West

This premier industry event was conceived to bring end users, program managers and procurement specialists together with our industry-leading solutions partners in an environment designed specifically for government and defense organizations. Warrior Expo is the embodiment of our mission to actively seek out our customers’ challenges and deliver innovative, cost effective solutions that enhance their ability to complete their missions. It is this commitment that has made ADS the world’s premier equipment, procurement and support solutions specialist to the military, law enforcement, first responder's and the defense industry.


Robot Rodeo

Hazardous-devices teams from around the Southwest will wrangle their bomb-squad robots at the tenth annual Robot Rodeo beginning Tuesday, June 14, at Los Alamos National Laboratory. "The Robot Rodeo gives bomb-squad teams the opportunity to practice and hone their skills in a lively but low-risk setting,” said Chris Ory of the Emergency Response Group at Los Alamos and a member the Laboratory’s hazardous-devices team. Los Alamos’ participation and support of the Robot Rodeo also aligns with its goal of fostering excellence in science and engineering disciplines essential for national security missions.


Request a Demo

Anytime. Anyplace.

WMDtech is happy to provide our customers product and training demonstration by request at locations around the globe. If you are interested in having us to your location for a demonstration or business meeting, contact a WMDTech representative. Some of our frequent areas of operation include: California, Texas, Washington State, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Utah, Minnesota, New Jersey and Florida. We also make international trips to visit with our customers and provide a first class exploration and buying experience.