Precision Aim Gear 

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Part no. GASF003

The WMDTech Grid Aim System provides any bomb squad technician the capability to remotely render safe a device with extreme precision even when WMD implications are present. 

In conjunction with the XTK software available to all bomb technicians, this system integrates with standard tools to add additional skillsets to every Team.

Available in Pelican IM2950 full size or IM2700 Compact 


Small Grid Aim Board 7.5" x 9.5" - Part No. GAS014

Medium Grid Aim Board 7.5" x 14.5" - Part No. GAS013

Large Grid Aim Board 28.5" x 14.5" - Part No. GAS012




The Titan Adapters are specially design to allow the Zero Point Titan Disruptor to be utilized with the XTK Grid Aim System. The adapter clamps to the base of the Titan Disruptor, just above the breech. The Titan Adapter mates perfectly with the XTK Grid Aim System Weapons Block, which allows the Disruptor to be precisely aimed in and fired using an XTK Grid Aim firing solution. When fired, the Titan Adapter will allow the Titan to eject from the Weapon’s Block properly to allow accuracy in aim, and minimal movement of the precision platform. 

The Titan Adapters come in two options - reusable and replaceable Plastic, or a sturdy and permanent Black Anodized Aluminum Stock. 



The XCLA(X-Ray Cone And Laser Assembly) is dynamic new tool that can be utilized to support a Precision Aim / XTK Grid Aim Attack even when working out of a backpack. 

The XCLA allows Bomb Techs to use Conical Shaped charges, such as the TeTac Supra Conical, to conduct a Precision Aim Attack. The XCLA substitutes for the Tripod assembly in the XTK Grid Aim System, It has a removable laser cone that swivels over the metal dome affixed to the front of the X-Ray source. This provides our “Precision Aim Platform” that allows us to laser our target, and then using Peep Sight theory, aim in our Shape Charge. 

The XCLA, in conjunction with a small shaped charge and an XTK Grid Aim Board, provides us with Precision Aim Capability even when working out of a Back Pack.


Spare Parts:

We are happy to offer all of the single component parts for the XTK Grid Aim system. Contact your WMDTech Sales Representative for individual item quotes.