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The WMDTech SMRT Micro is the newest device in the SMRT X-Ray controller family. This web app controlled, wireless only device allows bomb technicians to customize a wide variety of pulse configurations in 5 pin Golden Engineering Sources. Users can wirelessly program, start/stop and monitor the source reliably from up to 100 ft. The wireless feature will allow an operator to program, control and monitor the X-Ray source via any modern operating system (Apple, Android, Windows) on many platforms, such as a phone or tablet.

– Powered off Source

– Wireless & Portable

– Compatible with any 5 pin sources

– Open OS Web App

– WMDTech Warranty


Compact Case – Made of Lightweight Plastic

– No Screen – Access through Wifi device

– LED Indicator Lights


– Works with any device capable of Wifi and the Chrome App

– Wifi transmitter/receiver – 2.4 GHz

Customizable Settings – Allows technician to choose firing parameters

– Pulse up to 9999

– Volley size up to 999

– Break times up to 999 seconds

– Can control the X-Ray source down to 1 pulse at a time

Compatible with 5 Pin Golden X-Ray Sources


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