Tactical Bomb Tech.

WMDTech has assembled a kit which provides a lightweight and compact solution to the EOD / Bomb Technician who is tasked with dismounted support of tactical operations.



WMDTech’s Tactical Bomb Tech Kit is a custom built and designed Tool Kit that was created with the intent of providing a single and comprehensive solution for the TBT Initiative. The Tool Kit is built around the TBT Tool List, and provides innovative solutions for the challenges that this initiative was intended to overcome. Includes tools that are both custom designed and currently available.

Every tool was hand picked, tested, and located in the kit to enable the Bomb Technician to deal with expected challenges in a matter of seconds. The Tactical Bomb Tech Kit was developed in partnership with ADS Inc.


WMDTech Immediate Action Kit

The WMDTech Tactical Bomb Kit was designed and developed in partnership with ADS Inc. This kit is a one stop solution for the necessary tools bomb technicians need to respond in a tactical environment. Each item in the kit was hand selected with the mindset of being able to deploy from the minute the box is opened. It contains everything needed for dismounted missions including Immediate Action Tools and a Tactical Disruptor with full up deployment kit, First Line Tool Kit and Tactical Rigging Kits. This kit also features various popular, lightweight tactical tools like the WMDTech Micro Breakaway Pulleys and the Carbon Fire Disruptor as well as quality. brands like Gerber, Leatherman, Garrett and London Bridge Trading.


WMDTech Tactical Initiator

When operating in a Tactical Environment where simplicity and consistency are key, WMDTech has produced a single button firing device to initiate both Electric Initiators as well as Non-Electric Shock Tube. This is a hand-held firing device, with a physical block safety over the firing button. Initiation is as simple as sliding the physical block out of the way, and holding the Firing Button for a 3-count. Initiation is consistent, even with Shock Tube, as we use an easily replaceable Shock Tube head that also serves as a quick disconnect in a tactical environment. 


Breakaway Pulley 

The Tactical Breakaway Pulley, developed in partnership with Machstem International, is made to be carried in a tactical assault loadout, with minimal space and weight. This pulley allows the operator a single change in direction per each pulley used. It does not require a wedge. All that is needed is a simple knot to be tied into the line at the desired breakaway distance.

There are no extra parts required, and no extra mechanics to reset the pulley (other than putting the line back in it, and closing it). Everything is spring loaded and automatically resets once closed.