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When operating in a Tactical Environment where simplicity and consistency are key. WMDTech has produced a single button firing device to initiate both Electric Initiators as well as Non-Electric Shock Tube. This is a handheld firing device with a physical block safety over the firing button. Initiation is as simple as sliding the physical block down and holding the firing button for a 3-count. Initiation is consistent, even with Shock Tube, as we use an easily replaceable shock tube head that also serves as a quick disconnect in a tactical environment.

– Internal Safety Shunt

– MOLLE / Belt clip attachment

– Sliding positive block for fire button

– 3-count delay to fire

– Included in TBT Kit

– WMDTech Warranty


Dimensions: 6.25″ H x 2″ W x 1″ D

Weight: 7 oz.

Operable Temps: -20° C to 60° C

Lifespan: >20,000 lifetime shots, >200 Shots per tip & battery

Detonates up to 80 initiators in series

5.4 Joule Blasting Machine runs on a single 9V battery

Detonator-Safe Continuity Tester Built in

Spring Clamp Terminals for Electric


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