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The Titan Adapters are specifically designed to allow the Zero Point Titan Disruptor to be utilized with the XTK Grid Aim System. The adapter clamps to the base of the Titan Disruptor just above the breech.

The Titan Adapter mates perfectly with the XTK Grid Aim System Weapons Block, which allows the Disruptor to be precisely aimed in and fired using an XTK Grid Aim firing solution. When fired, the Titan Adapter will allow the Titan to eject from the Weapon’s Block properly to allow accuracy in aim, and minimal movement of the precision platform. The Titan Adapters come in two options – reusable and replaceable plastic, or a sturdy and permanent Black Anodized Aluminum Stock.

– Lightweight & Reusable

– Plastic or Aluminum

– Allows proper aim and ejection

– Can be bundled with the XTK Grid Aim System


1/4 inch thick x 6 inches long x 1.5 inches wide

Curved to meet the contour of the Titan Barrel

UHMW Plastic

– Matte White

– Weight .18 Lbs

– Can be fired multiple times before replacement

– Fixed in place with high strength O-Rings

Black Anodized Aluminum Stock

– Machined from high strength 6061 Aluminum Stock

– Weight: .5 Lbs

– Can be fired hundreds of times before replacement

– Fixed in Place with Cap Head Screws



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