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Bomb Techs Training Bomb Techs


 WMDTech develops and provides advanced training and curriculum for Local, County, State, and Federal agency first responders and follow on advanced teams that are responsible for handling threats from weapons of mass destruction to the general population. We provide training on techniques that greatly enhance a Bomb Squad’s Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Render Safe Procedures (RSP). These techniques increase the probability of a successful operation while minimizing the collateral damage, spread of potential contamination, and focusing on the design and defeat of IED electronics. 

 WMDTech also serves as a hub for purchasing Bomb Squad electronics and tailor made equipment. They are working with some of the latest and greatest developers for the Bomb Squad community, as well as providing valuable response kits and accessories on demand to Bomb Technicians. 


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5115 Gage St. Boise Idaho, 83706



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