X-Ray Cone & Laser Assembly (XCLA)

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The XCLA is a dynamic new tool that can be utilized to support a Precision Aim/XTK Grid Aim attack even working out of a backpack. The XCLA allows Bomb Techs to use Conical Shaped charges, such as the TeTac Supra Conical, to conduct a Precision Aim Attack. The XCLA substitutes for the Tripod assembly in the XTK Grid Aim System.

It has a removable laser cone that swivels over the metal dome affixed to the fron of the X-Ray source. This provides our “Precision Aim Platform” with the ability to laser the target, and using Peep Sight theory, aim in our shape charge. The XCLA, in conjunction with a small shaped charge and an XTK Grid Aim Board, provides us with precision aim capability.

– Durable Construction

– Compact & Lightweight

– Optional Copper Filter

– WMDTech Warranty


Base Cone – Precision Machined Magnetic Stainless Steel

  • Models for XR150, XRS2, XRS3 or XRS4 Golden Engineering X-Ray Sources
  • Can house a copper filter plate of various thickness

Top Cone – Custom machined Polyethylene

Houses rare earth magnets for secure fit 532nm green laser beam

  • Less than 5mw
  • Momentary & Constant on/off Cap Switch & Coil pressure switch
  • Powered by 1 CR123A Lithium Type Battery Total Assembled Specs – .85 Lbs – 3″W x 4.5″H


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