X-Ray Accessories 




The WMDTech Mosaic system is a versitile 9 panel system that allows the end user to accomplish large x-ray images with a single trip downrange. 

This system utilizes a rail and suction cup system allowing the user to quickly dispatch the mosaic from its Pelican storage case and assemble it for use. 

High quaity annodized railing sytem allows for a rigid, sturdy and self aligning platform reliable for most any situation. 

Hand activated and released suction cups holds each image plate firmly in place. 

Contact the WMDTech Sales department for sizing information. 


Customizable set-up - Allows Technician to Choose configuration 

• From 1x2 To 3x3 

• Maximum Coverage Area Appoximatley 4.5 Ft x3.5 Ft 

• Compatible With COTS Tripods For Vertical Support 

• Light Tight Snap On Covers To Minimize Exposure Time 

Compact IM2700 Pelican case - Made of Durable Plastic 

• Custom Cut Foam 

High Quality Hardware Components 

• 9 Snap-on, Light Tight Image Panel Covers 

• 5 Locking “Legs” With Suction Cups Locks At 90 And 180 Degrees 

• 9 Polycarbonate Backing Boards




Filter your X-Ray radiation source with one of WMDTech’s Copper Filters. Available for all Golden engineering X-Ray Generator sizes. 


• Rubber Housing 

• 99.9% Oxygen Free Pure Copper 

• Custom Sizing .32, .40, .62 and .90 

• Easy on Off Design 

• WMDTech Warranty



 The E-Charger is a versatile adapter for field expedient recharging and powering of the NeX-Ray scanners using common military grade lithium batteries. The E-Charger can be modified to charge other types of re-chargeable tools such as laptops, phones, etc. 


Image Plates (Various Scanners)

MMX 14" x 17"

MMX 14" x 8"

Scan-X 14" x 17"

Extra Deep Panel Covers

Carbon Fiber Backers