X-Ray Controllers



Part No. SMRT001

 The SMRT II X-Ray Controller is a second generation controller based around the original design, which is a programmable device with unlimited configurations that can be selected by the operator. The SMRT Controller monitors this program using an X-Ray detector mounted on the X-ray source. The SMRT Controller can actually see the transmission of X-Ray pulses. 

The SMRT II Controller advances this capability wirelessly. The wireless feature will allow an operator to program, control, and monitor the X-Ray source via an Android platform, such as a phone or tablet. This capability also allows us to design add-ons to the system such as the upcoming Wireless Upload module for Scanners like the MMX-Mini and the FPX Nano. This will enable the operator to control the X-Ray Source, and then scan and upload the image wirelessly. 

Jolt 2 small.jpg

Jolt II X-Ray Controller

art No. JOLT001
The JOLT II is a second generation X-ray controller developed by Remote Sensing Laboratory with funding from the National Nuclear Security Administration and the Defense Threat Reduction Agency.

The JOLT II is designed for use with the Golden portable X-ray generators. The JOLT II is an accessory component for precision counting and controlling of the Golden X-Ray Source. It is a light weight, low profile, and simple to use system that does not require an extra power source. It receives power from the Dewalt battery through the 5-pin remote outlet on the Golden X-Ray Source.

SMRT Micro