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The WMDTech Grid Aim System provides any bomb squad technician the capability  to remotely render safe a device with extreme precision even when WMD implications are present. In conjunction with the XTK software available to all bomb technicians, this system integrates with standard tools to add additional skill sets to every team.

Available in Pelican IM2950 full size or IM 2700 compact hard cases and GAS Tactical dismounted bag.

– Rapid Swap 410PL Mounts

– Works with XTK Software

– Pelican Case for Storage

– Replacement Parts

– Grid Board Sets can be sold seperately


  • 1 Weapons Block – Made to preciesly mount PAN Disruptor
  • 1 X-Ray Adapter Plate – Mates with Golden XRS 200 and XRS 300
  • 8 Weapons Sleeves – Holds the precision 12 Guage Tool in the Weapons Block, and allows near zero fricion ejection when fired
  • 1 Bogen 190X Tripod – Lightweight Aluminum and Carbon Fiber Tripod Legs shrink down to 2″ and can extend to over 6 feet
  • 2 Medium XTK Grid Aim Boards – Used for precision aiming
  • 1 Manfrotto 405 Geared Head – Allows for precision adjustments and quick tool swapping
  • 1 SITELITE SL-500 EOD Green Energy Laser – High Quality in Bore Laser for maximum accuracy, modified for XTK Grid Aim


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