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Our online training platform is a great opportunity to receive affordable, world-class training. Training modules are released on a monthly schedule and include training supply kits that allow for hands on experience while you follow along.

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WMDTech offers a wide variety of training courses focused on providing you with proven skills and tactics. Check out our course offering below or reach out to us with any custom training requests.

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In the fast-paced industry that we work in, time works against us when a critical part is broken or that one of a kind tool is unavailable. This course gives bomb squads the ability to quickly design and manufacture these parts and tools in their shop within minutes.

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This course provides students with little to no electronics knowledge a strong foundation on the designs of electronic IED’s and how to defeat the circuitry.

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This course is designed to teach bomb techs advanced x-ray and tool-aiming techniques to be able to perform a successful precision aim response.

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This course is designed to help give a fundamental understanding of the various types of microprocessors most commonly available.

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This course provides the knowledge and skills to respond to a fluid environment where the complete separation or isolation of a suspect package is not always possible.

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This course provides hands-on training that emphasizes rapid assessment and threat reduction in an environment where a render safe or remote attack may not be viable.

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This course takes amateur to proficient divers through the steps necessary to carry out a comprehensive search underwater on a potential explosive threat in a variety of environments.

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This course teaches fundamentals of lockpicking on locking mechanisms commonly used for buildings, vehicles, containers and other impediments to gaining access to potential IED’s.

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This course teaches certified bomb technicians the fundamentals of Analog Alarm sensors and systems bypass and principals of Digital Alarm systems.

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This course is designed to teach Bomb Technicians and Tactical Operators the integrated tactics to counter the threat of an active shooter in an environment with potential explosive devices.

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This course teaches the fundamentals of manually entering an Improvised Explosive Device to gain access to a device with the intent of rendering it safe via manual neutralization techniques.

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Training includes overview of the XTK software to all of the various apps and extensions that can be added onto the software as well as applicable tool-kits that they are associated with.

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We’re all about accessible training for every bomb technician. Single seat workshops are a great way for smaller squads to train a small number of technicians. Seats fill up on a first come, first served basis so subscribe to our email list to get the latest intel on everything training related. 

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