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Dedicated to serving the worlds best bomb techs



The WMDTech Mission is to provide innovative solutions to the training and equipment challenges presented to EOD and Bomb Technicians all across the globe. 

We provide training on techniques that greatly enhance a Bomb Squad’s Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Render Safe Procedures (RSP). These techniques increase the probability of a successful operation while minimizing the collateral damage, spread of potential contamination, and focus on the design and defeat of IED electronics. WMDTech also serves as a hub for purchasing Bomb Squad electronics and tailor made equipment. We are working with some of the latest and greatest developers from the Bomb Squad community, as well as providing valuable response kits and accessories to Bomb Technicians.




Design and develop new Tools, Tactics and Procedures to meet the ever growing challenges of today’s EOD and Bomb Technicians.


Bring solutions to the operators doorstep to make the process of acquiring new gear and knowledge as simple as possible. 


Always approach every new challenge with a “How Can We?” attitude to find custom solutions for our customers. 


Become the foremost developer of new Tools, Equipment and Training solutions in the EOD industry and hold a reputation of quality and reliability. 


"instruction that focuses on TAKING ACTION in a REAL WORLD environment”

Chris Brown, Director of Sales

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