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8 x 14 Carbon Fiber Image Plate Assembly

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Specially machined Carbon Fiber image panels for alignment to the NeX-Ray MMX

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WMDTech has been the sole producer and only warranty authorized manufacturer of the NeX-Ray MMX Standard (17” in. x 14” in.) and NeX-Ray MMX – Mini (14” in. x 8” in.) custom Carbon Fiber Image Panels. We have produced over 10,000 polycarbonate panels for customers all over the world. The Carbon Fiber image panels are machined for the key-hole alignment of the image panel to the inner table of the NeX-Ray MMX. This installation process ensures proper operation even in low light conditions. Each image panel is laminated with industry standard Flex GP Storage Phosphor image plates.


Zero Deflection in Extreme Temps (@264 psi 220°F)

Precision Machined for MMX

.002 Mil Thick VHB holds GP S0-170 Image Plate

Flat within .020”

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