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Filter your Golden Engineering X-Ray Source with one of WMDTech’s Copper Filters. These filters utilize very high grade Copper to filter out unwanted X-Ray radiation.

Choose from one of two types of Filters – either a fitted cap in which the Copper Filters can be exchanged for 1 of 4 different Copper thicknesses, or a one size fits all Rubber Cap which comes with one set thickness of Copper.

– 99.9% Oxygen Free Pure Copper

– Environmentally Sealed to Prevent Tarnish

– Custom sizing .32, .40, .62 and .90

– Easy on/off design

– Minimizes Image Degradation


Custom Cap for each Golden Engineering Generator (XRS-3, XR-200, etc.)

Comes with 4 interchangeable copper thicknesses

Copper Thickness:

– .032 inch

– .040 inch

– .062 inch

– .090 inch

Screw top for ease of exchange of each thickness

Rubber Cap:

One size fits all Rubber Caps for snug fit on X-Ray Source

Same thicknesses as the fitted caps