XTK Grid Aim Board V2

XTK Grid Aim Board V2

Manufactured by: WMDTech

The variant of the grid board allows for a new level of accuracy and scalability. With 42 unique fiducials the mosaic capability with XTK Grid Aim Boards, the increased surface area allows bomb technicians to cover larger areas in a single scenario.

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- Medium Black Grid Board (Set of 3)


This 2021 variant of the grid aim board allows a much larger imaging area by creating a framework and fiducial system that can be connected with the supplied hardware. Accuracy is also dramatically increased by adding a fiducial button to every square inch of the board.

The black and crimson surface printing captures green laser energy more efficiently providing a superior aiming experience and eliminating imaging bloom. Can be used as 1, 2 or 3 board system allowing you to scan large areas such as vehicles and box trucks or 55 gallon drums with ease.

Tripod sold separately.

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