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T Powerful and compact multi-directional water disruptor. This TETAC designed tool was created with dismounted operations in mind. These disruptors were designed to be built up in a matter of seconds, fit easily into cargo pockets, and provide the punch of over 5000 fps water disruption. Easily open and disrupt canvas bags and satchels or open car doors and trunks by simply adjusting standoff.

Loading is as easy as cutting a 1/8 section from a block of M112 (C-4) and placing in holder. No packing, jamming or splicing. Maintains the density of an untouched block of M112.

– Cargo Pocket Sized

– Simple Build up

– Pack in seconds

– Can be pre-loaded and sealed for duration


Height: 5 inches

Width: 2.7 inches

Water Volume: 250 ML

High Explosive Load: 140 grams of C-4

Velocity: Over 5000 fps on narrow edge over 4000 fps on wide edge

Center Primed with a cap holder

Electric or non-electrically initiated with standard detonator


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