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The TETAC Supraconic is a highly versatile, compact, conical shape charged system utilized by EOD and Special Forces personnel for UXO disposal, explosive access, and precision aim operations. The Supraconic is provided to the end user in an inert state and may be hand packed with C4 or similar type bulk explosives (15.5 grams). A blasting cap locking mechanism ensures that the blasting cap is secured into position prior to placement. A front site enables the tool to integrate to a precision aim grid board for precision targeting. Tool consists of 24mm projectile.

– Uses 15.5 Grams of C-4

– Can be integrated for use with Precision Aim

– Up to 15,000 fps

– Easy penetrate an inch of steel

– Compact Aiming Tripod – can be included


Projectile: 24mm

NEW 15.5 Grams

Charge Type: Conical Shape Charge

Targeting Method: Peep Site with Laser Aim Pointer

Inert Plastic Housing, ready to be packed

Thin Copper Cone

Lightweight – 55 grams empty

Gorilla Style Tripod can be included in order


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