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T Protect from light fragmentation and bunker for Render Safe Procedures. Introducting the Water Gel System, a highly portable, rapid buildup bunker system that allows operators to bunker a potentially Explosive Device to protect vital assets and critical infrastructure from light fragmentation and to allow a Render Safe Procedure to be utilized when used in conjunction with the Foam Containment System.

This system utilizes almost any water source to generate Gel Blocks that are easy to stack and have nylon handle for ease of transport. The Gel is dense and a single wall of blocks can capture light fragmentation from thin walled explosive devices.

– Protects from light fragmentation

– Highly portable & self contained

– Rapid buildup

– Easily stackable gel blocks

– Allows for Render Safe Procedures


A single Gel Block is 16.5 x 9.5 x 8 inches and 35 lbs

One system can build a single stack wall that is:

– 85 ft long

– 43 ft tall

– 9.5 inches thick

System contains:

– (85) Vinyl gelled water bag containing gel powder

– (85) PolyPro fluted collapsible box

– PVC Fill Nozzle

– 1.5″ Pistol Grip Ball Valve Shutoff

– 1.5″ NH Female x 1.5″ NPSH Female Swivel adapter

– 1690 Pelican Case, Black


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