WMDTech XTK Grid Aim System

Part no. GASF003

The WMDTech Grid Aim System provides any bomb squad technician the capability to remotely render safe a device with extreme precision even when WMD implications are present. 

In conjunction with the XTK software available to all bomb technicians, this system integrates with standard tools to add additional skillsets to every Team.

Available in Pelican IM2950 full size or IM2700 Compact hard cases and GAS Tactical dismounted bag.


Precision Aim is the capability to dynamically target individual components within a device without impacting the rest of the device. The capability could be used against devices in which the intent is to disperse the materials within the device, such as an IED with a CBRNE component. For such a device, using general disruption attack could very well be doing the job of the bomber.

There is a nationwide push to increase the capabilities for bomb squads to include some form of precision targeting. Sandia National Labs, in conjunction with NNSA, developed a software that integrated a precision aim system, called the XTK Grid Aim System. As of January 2012, the XTK Grid Aim System has been included as part of the curriculum for certification and re-cert at Hazardous Devices School, Huntsiville Alabama.

The XTK Grid Aim System provides the bomb technician with the ability to rapidly target individual components within a device with extreme accuracy using standard precision tools such as the PAN and Golden X-Ray sources. We recently did demos for a couple different groups, and we were able to light up the terminals of standard 9V battery inside a large 30 gallon container repeatedly, quickly, and easily from a distance of 12 feet away.

The XTK Grid Aim System works in conjunction with X-Ray Tool Kit (XTK) software to provide a precision firing solution within a minute of having a good x-ray scanners currently out (MMX, ScanX, Logos, Kodak ACR2000, RTR-4 (the ARS for Navy EOD), and even wet film scanned into a flatbed scanner), and also adds capabilities such as Grid Aim to the bomb technician.

XTK is free to bomb technicians and government agencies via the website - www.xraytoolkit.com (WMDTech are certified instructors for XTK software users.