Golden Engineering XRS3 X-Ray Generator


The XRS3 is a 270 kV, battery powered, pulsed X-ray generator used in security and light industrial applications. Golden Engineering introduced the XRS3 in 2001 for applications that require greater penetration than the XR150 or XR200. The XRS3 penetrates up to one inch of steel when used with various digital imaging systems. The XRS3 is our most versatile unit because it provides exceptional penetrating ability in a compact package. The compact design features a battery pack, sturdy glass tube, high voltage head, and electronic controls a single package that weighs less than 13 pounds. Operators can acquire spare battery packs at their convenience because the XRS3 is powered by the same commercially available battery packs that power DeWalt cordless tools. The XRS3 shares the same electronic controls and battery as the XR200 which enhances the versatility of both models.