XTK Grid Aim Elite System


The WMDTech Grid Aim System Elite represents the latest and most technically accurate Precision Aim system to date. New and improved component systems allow for a more reliable and user intuitive experience. Additional rigidity to the core weight structures and improved fasteners eliminate flex at contact points. Elimination of smaller tedious consumable parts such as the weapons block “fingers” are replaced for a more rigid, simple 2-piece clamshell unit which decrease maintenance implications and increase operational reliability. Improved Grid Boards add many new fiducials making target acquisition a breeze, the darker board substrate soaks green energy lasers eliminating “bloom” and adds the capability to mosaic at the grid board level to enhance your potential image area. Grid Board Feet and Robot Handles make placement of the boards easier in a bomb suit or via a robot standing up to wind or other environmental factors. The XRS Adapter Kit and Source Cut Plate allows the use of both new and old generation Golden Engineering sources and reduces the size and weight of the plate for tactical operations. Weighted Bags assist in tripod and Grid Board placement. The WMDTech On-Pan Reference Laser gives a rational, reliable reference point which will not flex in the weapons block housing. XCLA (X-Ray Cone and Laser) Package allows for the use of Precision Aim Methodology in tactical or compact environments and with the use of alternative fire apparatuses such as a shaped charge.


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