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XCLA - X-Ray Cone and Laser System 2.0

Item No: XCLA01

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  • Upgraded Exterior Mounted Magnetic Nylon Cap
  • Steel Base
  • .30 Copper Filter Disc
  • Rubber O Rings
  • Center Green Laser

Technical Specs

  • N/A

Spec Sheet


The XCLA(X-Ray Cone And Laser Assembly) is dynamic new tool that can be utilized to support a Precision Aim / XTK Grid Aim Attack even when working out of a backpack. The XCLA allows Bomb Techs to use Conical Shaped Charges, such as the TeTac Supra Conical, to conduct a Precision Aim Attack. The XCLA substitutes for the Tripod assembly in the XTK Grid Aim System. It has a removable laser cone that swivels over the metal dome affixed to the front of the X-Ray source. This provides the “Precision Aim Platform” that allows the user to laser the target, and then using Peep Sight theory, aim in our Shape Charge.



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